Filling station

We are CompEx and SPA UKPIA certified which gives you the confidence knowing you are using certified contractors who have been trained and know the significant risks, hazards and dangers of petroleum spirits.

We have been working on filling station since 2006 and have accumulated years of experience. We can work with you proactively and reactively to keep your site up and running.


Here are some of the work we can do for you on and off the forecourt.

  • Electrical installation and maintenance

    • Lighting​ including canopy and floods

    • Small installations such as new circuits

    • Fault finding and rectifications

    • Electrical water heaters

    • Chiller circuits

  • CCTV

    • Installations

    • Upgrades

    • Repairs

  • Access Control

    • Electronic door locking​

    • Internal door coded locks

  • Security 

    • Door locks​

    • Mechanical locks

  • Communications​

    • Networks​

    • PBX phone systems

    • Intercoms

  • Public Address systems

    • Forecourt ​announcements

    • Internal music system​

  • ​Plumbing

    • Leaks​

    • Taps

    • Water heaters

    • Flushes and syphons

  • Carpentry​

  • Small building work

We are based in London and currently travel as far as North to Hertfordshire East, to South end, South to Southampton and west to Oxfordshire for are existing customers.