About Us

Here's a little bit about mullahomes

Mullahomes was established in February 2012 and has gained a reputation as a company which can be called upon when others can't deliver.

We are known as the people who will get the job done when everybody else said it cant be done. We don't claim that anything is always possible but we very often have solutions to situations where many others said "it can't be done" or "it's not feasible".  

We serve a broad range of customers from Private individuals, School, Petrol filling stations, Landlords, Estate agents and many more.

We like to help out so we offer charities preferential rates and very often free of charge for some of our services.

Many of our customers find that the broad range of work we can do, makes us the first company and often the only company to call when they need things done.

We have many certifications which shows that our workmanship is of high standards and we know what we are doing.

Mullahomes LTD. 11 Kyverdale Rd, London, N16 7AB